Bob A Job

The Sooty Show title for this series

Episode Info

Episode Number: 1
Airdate: 14th September 1981
Time: 4:20pm
Channel: ITV
Production Code: 24688


Matthew enters Sooty, Sweep and Soo's bedroom to wake them up and notices how untidy it is! Matthew tells them that he wants the bedroom tidied up before they come downstairs for breakfast. Sweep's idea of tidying is throwing his bones on the floor, while Soo can't decide where to put her clothes and decides to put them away later. Sooty decides to put his stuff on Sweep's bed, which Sweep later moves back. The bedroom ends up looking just as messy as before! Soo tells Sweep, to move his bones off the bathroom floor, telling him "Out of sight, out of mind" Sweep decides to throw everything into the bath, but the tap is left running! Sooty decides to use magic to do his tidying, but the toys end up re-appearing in Matthew's breakfast cereal! The gang arrive at the breakfast bar, where Matthew instructs them to tidy the kitchen up, but they tell him they are too busy 'bob-a-jobbing for the cubs'. Unfortunately for Matthew he tidies up the house, except the gang's bathroom, which he says they can do themselves. Matthew sits down for a cup of tea, when Sooty arrives wanting to bob a job for anything that needs doing. Matthew explains he's already done everything, but Sooty and Sweep have 'undone' things in order to create work for themselves! Matthew notices water coming from the ceiling and thinks they have a pipe leaking and pays Sooty to fix it...not realising it was the bath overflowing! Matthew learns from Soo that Sooty and Sweep are cleaning the van much to his horror! His fears are justified when they decide to clean the inside of the van with the hosepipe as well, which soaks Matthew as they had left it running! Later Matthew sings a song about 'Soo' before the three friends settle down for bed.


This episode of The Sooty Show was released on the following DVD:
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This episode has been released on a free DVD that came with The Times newspaper in 2008. This DVD can be quite rare to find, but can sometimes be bought off eBay.

Notes of Interest

Magic Wand This is the first time we see Sooty, Sweep and Soo as 'Cubs'. The next time they are Cubs/Scouts would be in the 1990 episode, Dyb Dyb Disaster!
Magic Wand In this episode, Sooty, Sweep and Soo's bath overflows....Matthew's bath would also overflow and drip through the ceiling, in the 1991 episode, Boarding House!
Magic Wand Although this episode was the first episode of the series to air, according to the production codes, it was the ninth episode produced!


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
Sooty, Sweep and Soo's bedroom is in a mess and needs tidying up! ... ...Sweep decides to tidy the bathroom by throwing everything into the bath!
Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4
Sooty uses his magic to tidy up his toys, but they end up in Matthew's cereal! The bath is overflowing and causes water to drip from the ceiling!
Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6
Sweep has thrown the grass cuttings back all over the lawn, to create a job to do! Sooty decides to clean the Sooty mobile with the hose pipe....
Screenshot 7 Screenshot 8
....however he also decides to clean the inside of the van with it as well!.. ...which poor Matthew finds out when he opens the van door!

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