Sweep Can't Sleep

The Sooty Show title for this series

Episode Info

Episode Number: 2
Airdate: 21st September 1981
Time: 4:20pm
Channel: ITV
Production Code: 24681


Sooty and Soo are up bright and early, having had a goods nights sleep, however Sweep is still fast asleep. Soo is busy in the bathroom with different fragrances, leaving Sooty waiting for his bath. By the time Sooty and Soo are downstairs for breakfast, Sweep still isn't up! Matthew goes to get him up, but Sweep is snoring away. When Matthew wakes Sweep, Sweep says he had a bad nights sleep and wants to stay in bed all day. However Matthew makes him get up, explaining if he stays in bed, he won't sleep tonight. Poor Sweep is tired out and can hardly keep his eyes open. Matthew suggests taking Sweep out in the fresh air and keeping him active, so he'll have a good sleep tonight. Matthew, Sooty and Sweep go out in the van and decide to have a game of hide and seek. However when Sweep doesn't come to find Matthew and Sooty, they notice that Sweep had fallen asleep! They wake Sweep up again and Sweep suggests they have a game of tug of War, however Sooty and Sweep cheat by tieing their end of rope to the Sooty mobile, pulling poor Matthew along. But Sweep has fell asleep again! Back home Matthew explains to Soo that they didn't keep Sweep awake, but made themselves tired instead! They all decide to have an early night, but Matthew hears a loud radio and finds it's Sweep, who isn't tired again, having slept during the day! Matthew tells him to go to bed and try to go to sleep, but Sweep has other ideas, playing with his football, running a bath and watching TV instead! Matthew lets him have a drink before bed, however Sooty and Soo are back up thinking it's morning with Sweep and Matthew still up! Matthew sends them all to bed and goes to bed himself, but Sooty, Sweep and Soo come into Matthew's room complaining that they can't sleep! Matthew sings a song about counting sheep and the gang are all finally fast asleep!


This episode of The Sooty Show has NEVER been officially released on Home Video. We have this episode in our archive.


Notes of Interest

Magic Wand This would be the 2nd episode of 3 episodes of The Sooty Show to have a plot involving Sweep falling asleep during the day and the rest of the gang trying to keep him awake! The other episodes were Hot Air Balloon (from the previous 1981 series) and Stay Awake (from the 1989 series)
Magic Wand In this episode, Matthew pulls Sweep out of the bathroom by his ear. He would also do the same thing in the 1988 episode, When I Was A Lad!


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
Sweep doesn't get up, when Sooty and Soo try to wake him up! Matthew gets a reluctant Sweep out of bed.
Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4
Sweep is tired out! Sweep goes to sleep during the game of hide and seek.
Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6
Poor Matthew is dragged along the ground during the tug of war game! Matthew pulls Sweep out of the bathroom by his ear!
Screenshot 7 Screenshot 8
Sooty and Soo are back out of bed, thinking it's morning! Matthew sings a song about counting sheep...

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