Football Crazy

The Sooty Show title for this series

Episode Info

Episode Number: 8
Airdate: 2nd December 1983
Time: 4:20pm
Channel: ITV
Production Code: 28746



It's early morning in Sooty's house and Sooty, Sweep and Soo are up early, but the house is peaceful and quiet, so where are they? Matthew comments that they are not about with it being quiet, but the peace soon comes to end when they burst into Matthew's bedroom with their football! Matthew hides their football and tells them to leave and play something else, but instead Sooty and Sweep decide to have some shooting practise at Matthew's bed! This annoys Matthew who confiscates their footballs and gives Sweep a red card! The gang are so obsessed with football, they decide to use other things as a football including a feather pillow and a bar of soap! Downstairs at the breakfast bar, Matthew shows the gang his football kit and he boasts about how he used to be a professional footballer known as 'Cannonball Corbett'! Matthew demonstrates how he used to play using the salt pot, coffee pot and a cornflake, which Sooty, Sweep and Soo don't take very seriously! Sooty decides to take the gang to meet Mark Chamberlain, a professional footballer, after Matthew claims to know him and Matthew boasts that he was likened to him, in regard to his skills on the pitch! With the aide of the magic wand, the gang arrive at a football pitch where Mark Chamberlain is practising. He says he remembers Matthew as 'Oddball Coebett' and decides to have some shooting practise with Matthew in the goal. Poor Matthew struggles to save any goals and feeling humiliated wishes he could just score one goal. Sooty decides to help Matthew and waves his wand, which causes Mark Chamberlain to fall asleep, allowing Matthew to easily score! Back home Matthew reads the gang a story about some magical football boots.

TV Times Synopsis: Sooty, Sweep and Soo are mad about football, and Matthew is mad with them because they play the game inside the house. He gets Mark Chamberlain, a top professional footballer, to play with them on a local pitch. Matthew thinks he's a good goalie, but Mark and Sooty soon show him otherwise.


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This episode has been officially released on Out and About VHS released by Thames/VCI in 1987, however this is now deleted! Click on the image above for more information about this VHS, or click the Amazon link to buy this VHS from Marketplace sellers.  


Notes of Interest

Magic Wand Mark Chamberlain guest stars in this episode. He is a (now retired) International footballer, having played for teams including Port Vale, Stoke City and Sheffield Wednesday. He also played for the England team from 1982!
Magic Wand In this episode Matthew confiscates Sooty's football. He would also do the same when Sooty and Sweep were playing ball games in the house, in the 1988 episode, Bowled Over.
Magic Wand This episode is just one of three from this 1983 series, ever released to VHS or DVD! The other two episodes were The Dancer and Soo's Party Problem.



Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
Matthew hides Sooty's football under his duvet... ...and presents Sweep with a red card for being cheeky to him!
Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4
Sweep is covered with feathers after the pillow they are playing with burts open! Matthew explains how he played football with the aide of the breakfast bar as the pitch!
Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6
Sooty takes the gang to meet footballer Mark Chamberlain. Matthew wishes that he could score just one goal....
Screenshot 7 Screenshot 8
...which he does, after Sooty's help with the magic wand! Matthew reads the gang a story about magic football boots.

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