Magic Box Show

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Episode Info

Episode Number: 10
Airdate: 20th April 1983
Time: 4:20pm
Channel: ITV
Production Code: 26810



Sooty, Sweep and Soo are up early as they are preparing for a show, with Soo checking her mic, Sweep counting some coins and Sooty brushing a toy dog. Matthew shouts to them to hurry up and 'gets their skates on' which Sooty, Sweep and Soo take literally and decide to roller skate around the bathroom! Matthew reminds them that they are performing a magic show down at the local school and that the equipment needs loading into the van. However at first Sooty and Sweep let Matthew do all the heavy work, until Sooty and Sweep start loading the boxes quickly, trapping Matthew in the back of the van in the process! Once the van is loaded they set off, but the back door of the van hasn't be locked properly and all the stuff falls out the back of the van! Later on, back at home, Matthew tells Sweep and Soo how disapointed Sooty is about not doing the magic show, when the phone rings! It's the headmaster of the school, who tells Matthew he's sent the children around to Sooty's house instead, where the magic show had been set up. Sooty performs a coins through the glass magic trick, Sweep performs some magic with the fluffy dog and Soo and Matthew sing a song.

TV Times Synopsis: There's plenty of magic in the air today. Sooty tries out some of his magic on Matthew, who is encouraged in his act by 12 children who appear - as if by magic - in his front room.



This episode of The Sooty Show was officially released on the following VHS release: We have this episode in our archive.
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This episode has been officially released on The Adventures Of Sooty VHS released by Thames/VCI in 1986, however this is now deleted! Click on the image above for more information about this VHS, or click the Amazon link to buy this VHS from Marketplace sellers.  


Notes of Interest

Magic Wand This episode is also known simply as 'Magic Show', as billed on the 1986 VHS release, The Adventures of Sooty.
Magic Wand This episode is very similiar to the 1981 episode, Time For Magic. According to, the major difference is that the 1981 version doesn't contain the scene of Matthew, Sooty and Sweep loading the van, whereas this one does.



Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
Sooty, Sweep and Soo are preparing for a show. Matthew is left to the heavy lifting loading the equipment for the magic show...
Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4
...but when Sooty and Sweep do help, he is trapped in the van! The equipment falls out of the van!
Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6
Matthew and Sooty have set the equipment up in the lounge and children arrive for the show! Sooty performs a magic trick with four coins!
Screenshot 7 Screenshot 8
Sweep performs a trick with a little fluffy dog and some cups! Soo sings to the audience, along with Matthew.

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