Sooty's Busy Christmas

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Episode Info

Episode Number: n/a (Christmas Special)
Airdate: 26th December 1985
Time: 9:50am
Channel: ITV
Production Code: 33238



It's Christmas time at Sooty's house and Matthew is fast asleep in bed...or is he? No, Matthew is actually awake as he's far too excited to sleep as it's Christmas day! Matthew explains that they have put up the christmas tree and all the decorations and he invites us to see it all. Downstairs Matthew opens a present from Sooty, Sweep and Soo, only to find it's the three little rascals inside it! Sweep asks if they can now go to the theatre as they are going to see the Bernie Clifton christmas show. Matthew explains it's far too early for the show and their christmas party! Matthew allows each of the gang to open a present, where Soo gets a new dress, Sweep a bone and Sooty a new magic wand. Sooty conjures up some hand bells as a present for Matthew, which Matthew and Sooty decide to play, performing 'Home Sweet Home'. After they finish there is a knock at the door and it's Richard Cadell dressed as Santa! Richard Cadell performs some magic tricks for the gang. However Sooty is upset, remembering all the sick children that won't be happy this Matthew decides to take Sooty to Great Ormand Street Children's Hospital in London, to cheer them up. Matthew and Sooty perform in front of an audience of children, where he squirts Matthew, the children and some of the adults! Sooty and Matthew go up into the wards and meet some more children and they later give out some Sooty glove puppets and Sooty hats. Matthew and Sooty arrive home to find Sweep and Soo crying, as the christmas show is sold out and nobody had organised the party food! Matthew has an idea and using the new magic wand, the gang end up at the Bernie Clifton Christmas Show afterall, where the gang help Bernie perform a story! After a great time at the show and with the help of a magic balloon from Bernie, the gang arrive at a christmas party with Bernie, Richard Cadell and a huge group of children! Matthew sings a song about Christmas time, as well as a carol with the children. Everyone is having a great time at the party!


This episode of The Sooty Show was officially released on the following VHS / DVD releases:
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This episode has been officially released on The Sooty Christmas Show VHS released by Thames/VCI in 1988, however this is now deleted! It has also been released on the My Bumper Christmas Sooty VHS released in 1997. Click on the images above for more information about these VHS videos, and click the Amazon link to buy them from Marketplace!


Notes of Interest

Magic Wand In this episode, Soo recieves a new dress and matching hat as a christmas present. However it looks to be the same dress and hat she wore in the 1983 episode, Soo's Party Problem! She also wore it in the 1987 episode, Millionaire!
Magic Wand In this episode Matthew and Sooty perform 'Home Sweet Home' (or 'Home Is Where the Heart Is' as Matthew also calls it!) They would also sing this song in the episode, Moving House , from 1988.
Magic Wand A very young magician named Richard Cadell, guest stars in this episode. Richard Cadell would go on to take over as host of the Sooty series, from Matthew Corbett 13 years after he made this debut appearance!
Magic Wand The gang visit the Bernie Clifton christmas show in this episode. Bernie Clifton is a British comedian and entertainer, most famous for "riding" an ostrich called Oswald. He appeared on childrens TV during the 1970's and 1980's.
Magic Wand During the party scene at the end of this episode, we see John Hasler and Jennie Stallwood, who starred in another Thames Television series at the time, T-Bag! John and Jennie later explained in one of the commentaries on the T-Bag DVD releases, how they got to go to the studio next door and appear in this special!



Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
Matthew can't sleep as he's too excited that it's christmas! Sooty, Sweep and Soo surprise Matthew inside the present!
Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4
The gang all open a present each! Matthew and Sooty perform a song with Matthew's bells.
Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6
Richard Cadell visits the gang and performs magic tricks! Sooty and Matthew visit Great Ormond Street Hospital.
Screenshot 7 Screenshot 8
The gang go to see the Bernie Clifton Christmas Show! and thanks to Bernie, enjoy a fantastic christmas party!

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