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Episode Info

Episode Number: 4
Airdate: 24th January 1985
Time: 4:20pm
Channel: ITV
Production Code: 31226 (original version) 128637 (edited version)



Sooty, Sweep and Soo are fast asleep in bed, with each of them dreaming. Both Sooty and Soo dream about being conductors, while Sweep dreams that he is a super hero, by the name of Superdog! At breakfast Matthew explains that the worlds strongest man, special guest, Geoff Capes is giving a demonstration of his strength later on that day. Sooty isn't convinced, but Matthew assures Sooty that he could easily move the piano in the lounge! Sooty proves he can as well, however it's with the aid of the magic wand! Sweep says that Superdog is stronger, but Matthew, Sooty and Soo laugh at him as they say Superdog isn't real! However Sweep has changed into his Superdog outfit and to prove he is stronger he moves the piano back into the kitchen. Sweep states it was Superdog, but they don't believe him (not aware of Sweeps secret identity) Later Matthew takes the gang to see Geoff Capes demonstrating how strong he is. Geoff Capes decides to use Matthew as a volunteer to proves his strength, but poor Matthew is no match and gets pulled through some mud! Sweep decides to take on Geoff Capes (as Superdog) to prove he is stronger. However the challenge is interupted when a lorry is heading for the school. It's up to Superdog to save the children from the runaway lorry! However Matthew wakes Sweep up and assures him that it was all a dream! Sweep is convinced until he realises he can't lift the bed, can't fly and doesn't have amazing mental powers! Finally Sweep accepts it was really a dream...and gets back into bed to dream about being Superdog once again......


This episode of The Sooty Show was officially released on the following VHS / DVD releases:
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This episode has been officially released on the Sooty & Superdog VHS released by Thames/VCI in 1986, however this is now deleted! It has also been released on the Cult Kids Classics 2 compilation DVD from 2008. Click on the images above for more information about this VHS or DVD, and click the Amazon link to buy this VHS from Marketplace sellers or the DVD from!


Notes of Interest

Magic Wand This was the debut episode for Sweep as 'Superdog'. Superdog would go on to appear in another 3 episodes which included Return Of Superdog (1988), Superdog And The Conedian (1988) and High As A Kite (1989)
Magic Wand Geoff Capes guest stars in this episode. He is a former athlete, strongman and professional Highland Games competitor. As a strongman, he twice won the title of World's Strongest Man, gaining his first title in 1983. He went on to win the title again in 1987.
Magic Wand This episode is one of three, to be be released to date on VHS/DVD from the 1985 series. The others were Superstar and Sooty's Busy Christmas (aka The Sooty Christmas Show)
Magic Wand On the Fremantle Archives site, the production number of 31226 states 'Do not use'. However there is another entry for this episode with the production code: 128637. We can only assume that the episode has been edited in some way due to the use of the Superman theme of the episode and the edits were required in order, not to break any copyrights with the Superman property? We assume the version with code 31226, is the original 1985 broadcast copy. Obviously this is just speculation on our part.
Magic Wand The Superdog episode was released on the Cult Kids Classics 2 compilation DVD. I've been told (but can't confirm at this point) that some of the music has been altered from the version released on VHS and originally broadcast on TV. So this backs up the theory above, about the 2 different versions of the Superdog episode.



Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
Sweep is dreaming about being a super hero! Sooty uses his magic wand to move the piano into the kitchen!
Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4
Matthew attemps to move the heavy piano back in the lounge! Sweep (as Superdog) moves the piano himself to prove Superdog is strong and real!
Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6
Poor Matthew is dragged through soil, by strongman Geoff Capes. Superdog challenges Geoff Capes to a tug of war!
Screenshot 7 Screenshot 8
It's up to Superdog to stop the speeding van crashing into some children! Matthew, Sooty and Soo convince Sweep that he had been dreaming he's Superdog!

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