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Episode Info

Episode Number: 12
Airdate: 24th March 1988
Time: 4:20pm
Channel: ITV
Production Code: 37961


Matthew is up in the loft looking through books about tracing your ancestors and has told Sooty, Sweep and Soo that he is looking for his roots! Meanwhile Sooty, Sweep and Soo are very confused about what Matthew meant about his roots, with Sweep thinking it has something to do with tree roots! While Sooty thinks it's something that happens to grownups or a new breakfast serial! Matthew explains that he was trying to trace back the roots of his family tree and suggests that Sooty, Sweep and Soo do the same, explaining that there are plenty of books in the loft to look through. However Sweep decides he is best staying away from the loft after the last time he was in the loft! (see Tap Time for more information on what happened to Sweep!) Soo decides to go to the library, where she meets a strict librarian for silence and Sooty decides to look in the loft, where he meets up with a spider! Sweep is in the lounge reading a book about things buried under the earth and decides to dig for his roots in the garden! The gang then decide to trace the supply of their favourite foods, hoping that will lead them in the right direction of their ancestors. Sweep visits his local butchers (and the gang meet Butch who works there, for his dad!), Soo visits her favourite chinese restaurant, the Soo Panda! and Sooty visits a bee farm that produces honey!


This episode of The Sooty Show was officially released on the following VHS release:
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SOOTY'S STATELY HOME and other stories - VHS
This episode has been officially released on Sooty's Stately Home and other stories VHS released by Thames/Lollipop in 1989, however this is now deleted and very rare! Click on the image above for more information about this VHS, or click the Amazon link to buy this VHS from Marketplace sellers.

Notes of Interest

Magic Wand This episode features a flashback from the episode Tap Time, where Sweep and Matthew fall through the ceiling in the loft!
Magic Wand This is one of an handful of episodes from 1981 onwards, in which Butch makes an appearance in. The character was withdrawn as a regular in the early 1980's. This is the second of two appearances during this series. The other episode he appears in is Return Of Superdog
Magic Wand In this episode we learn about Butch's family, as we learn he works for his dad, at the Butcher's Shop. It is not known if his 'dad' is human or not in this episode.... The only other known mention of Butch's family members, is in the 1981 episode Sooty's Panto.
Magic Wand The bee farm, which Sooty, Sweep and Soo visit in this episode is the Twickenham Bee Keepers Club.
Magic Wand The librarian from the library scene is played by Matthew Corbett.


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
Matthew looking through books in the loft... Matthew explains to Sooty, Sweep and Soo what he meant by finding his roots.
Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4
Soo is told to be quiet in the library... Sooty meets up with a spider in the loft!
Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6
Sweep decides to dig for his roots in a plant pot! Sooty, Sweep and Soo visit the butcher's shop, where they meet up with Butch...
Screenshot 7 Screenshot 8
Soo has visited a Chinese restaurant and been given her favourite Chinese food! Sooty visiting the Twickenham Bee Keepers Club....

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