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Episode Info

Episode Number: 11
Airdate: 17th March 1988
Time: 4:20pm
Channel: ITV
Production Code: 37959


For once Sooty, Sweep and Soo are getting on and not arguing, however the peace in the house is soon broken when Sweep's singing annoys Soo. Soo asks Sooty to help her get some peace from Sweep, but Sooty's magic doesn't work, despite Sooty's best efforts to turn Sweep into a frog! Soo goes to complain to Matthew and is turned into a frog by Sooty accidently and then a lemon! Matthew and Sweep subsequently become lemons as well..... Sweep later tricks Soo out of the bathroom and locks her out, which turns into yet another argument. Sooty turns them into lemons yet again, to stop them arguing. This results in all three friends falling out completely! Matthew decides to take them to a school to meet some children to find out if they argue with anyone and why. Back at home Sooty, Sweep and Soo agree to stop arguing.


This episode of The Sooty Show has NEVER been officially released on Home Video.

Notes of Interest

Magic Wand The school featured in this episode is the Hurst Park Primary School in Surrey.
Magic Wand Matthew/Sooty states the Hurst Park Primary School is located in East Molesey, when infact it's actually in West Molesey!
Magic Wand At the end of this episode, Matthew sings a song called "Arguing"


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
Sweep's singing annoys Soo... Sooty tries to turn Sweep into a frog to stop him being annoying.
Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4
Soo complains to Matthew about Sweep annoying her with his singing... Sooty has turned Matthew, Sweep and Soo into lemons!
Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6
Sweep locks Soo out of the bathroom.... Sooty, Sweep and Soo start fighting at the breakfast bar....
Screenshot 7 Screenshot 8
Sooty, Sweep, Soo and Matthew visit Hurst Park Primary School. Sooty, Sweep and Soo tell Matthew that they have decided to stop arguing and Matthew sings them a song about arguing.

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