Bowled Over

The Sooty Show title for this series

Episode Info

Episode Number: 2
Airdate: 13th September 1988
Time: 4:20pm
Channel: ITV
Production Code: 45070


Sooty and Sweep are playing 'Skittles' in their bedroom which wakes Soo up. Soo tells them that they shouldn't be playing ball games in the house, as something might get broken...however the mischievous Sooty waves his magic wand, making dozens of ping pong balls come down on them! Soo isn't impressed and goes to complain to Matthew. When Soo arrives in Matthew's bedroom, Matthew is explaining how he loves ball games, while Soo is moaning about Sooty and Sweep. Matthew is playing with a ball and tennis racket, which leaves Soo even more annoyed that he hasn't listened to her. Matthew soon changes his mind when a football hits him, which he confiscates.....however Sooty and Sweep decide to play cricket in the bathroom instead! After hearing about this, Matthew bans all ball games in the house, but Sooty and Sweep decide to use tomato's instead to have a game of skittles with the salt and pepper pots! Matthew decides to confiscate all the balls in the house, instructing Sooty, Sweep and Soo to bring all the balls to the kitchen. Sooty spots Matthew's old bowling ball, from his days as 'Cannonball Corbett'! Sooty decides to wave his wand and take the gang to a bowling alley, however they end up in a snooker room instead and meet Dennis Taylor, who demonstrates some of his trick shots. Matthew doesn't impress Dennis Taylor, when he rips the snooker table cloth with a snooker cue! Sooty quickly waves his wand again, and the gang are finally at the bowling alley. The three mischievous friends decide to play a few tricks on Matthew after he calls them wimps for not being able to lift the bowling balls, which ends with Matthew going down the alley along with the ball!


This episode of The Sooty Show was officially released on the following VHS release:
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This episode has been officially released on Sooty's Bumper Special VHS released by Thames/VCI in 1990, however this is now deleted and very rare! Click on the image above for more information about this VHS, or click the Amazon link to buy this VHS from Marketplace sellers.

Notes of Interest

Magic Wand This episode features a couple of scenes, which would prominantly appear on the opening theme to the 1989 series of The Sooty Show!
Magic Wand Dennis Taylor guest stars in this episode. He is a world famous snooker player, who is well known for the special glasses he wears for his snooker playing. Sooty wears Dennis Taylor style glasses in this episode!
Magic Wand In the 1983 episode, Football Crazy, the gang would play football in the house, with Matthew confiscating their ball similiar to this episode. However back then, Soo was also involved in playing ball games inside the house (unlike this later episode where she is against it!)


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
Sooty and Sweep are playing skittles in the bedroom... Soo complains to Matthew about Sooty and Sweep playing ball games indoors!
Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4
Sooty and Sweep are playing cricket in the bathroom! Amongst all the balls collected together is Matthew's old bowling ball.
Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6
Matthew rips Dennis Taylor's snooker table cloth.... ....and Dennis Taylor isn't too happy about it....!
Screenshot 7 Screenshot 8
Matthew ends up down the bowling alley with the ball because of the gangs mischief! Back home, Matthew is sulking after being humiliated at the bowling alley!

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