Make and Do

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Episode Info

Episode Number: 7
Airdate: 18th February 1988
Time: 4:20pm
Channel: ITV
Production Code: 37953


Sweep, Soo and Sooty are unrolling all the paper off of all the toilet rolls in the house to try and get some empty toilet roll holders, but Matthew catches them in the act. The three friends tell Matthew that they wanted to use the toilet rolls to make a telescope, but Matthew insists that they wind the disgarded toilet tissues back onto the rolls, and poor Sweep gets landed with the task! In the bathroom, Sooty shows Soo a toy boat that he's made out of cardboard, but unfortunately when they try and launch it in the bath, the boat sinks! Soo suggests to Sooty that he make another one, but Sooty whispers to Soo where he got the cardboard from and the pair laugh and wonder what Matthew's reaction will be when he finds out...which doesn't take long, as down at the breakfast bar Matthew goes to pour himself some cornflakes and discovers a huge hole in the bottom of the packet, revealing where Sooty's cardboard came from and which causes cornflakes to spill everywhere! Matthew says that what he could do with is some sort of scoop to gather up all the cornflakes, and Soo tells him that she made one earlier that morning and brings it up. Matthew gathers up all the cornflakes, but then finds out where the scoop came from - from the full bottle of washing up liquid in the kitchen, causing soap to get everywhere! Although Matthew is cross at first, when Soo tells him that they're trying their best to try and make things, Matt relents and sets the three friends up in the garage with some things to help them each make something. Sweep makes a dog-themed desk tidy, Soo makes a spinning top, whilst Sooty makes a picture with some potato printing. After this, the gang are treated to a special masterclass from world famous paper tearer Terri Carol, who makes several interesting things for them.


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This episode was officially released on the Sooty's Magic Lamp VHS released by Lollipop in 1989, however this is now deleted. Click on the image above for more information about this VHS, or click the Amazon link to buy this VHS from Marketplace sellers. (PLEASE NOTE: This video is extremely rare and so may not always be available from Amazon Marketplace sellers. If you're looking to buy this video, it's best to check Amazon Marketplace regularly!)

Notes of Interest

Magic Wand In this episode, Matthew references how they make things on programmes like Rainbow. In his younger days, Matthew actually starred on Rainbow, as part of singing trio Rod, Matt & Jane with Rod Burton and Jane Tucker. Matthew left the trio in 1976 to take over The Sooty Show from his father Harry, and was replaced by Roger Walker, causing the trio to be renamed Rod, Jane & Roger - Roger left in 1980 to be replaced by Freddy Marks to create arguably the best-remembered incarnation of the trio, Rod, Jane & Freddy!
Magic Wand The special guest for this episode was world famous variety star Terri Carol, who made a lifelong career out of making impressive creations just from tearing paper. Terri's career continued until arthritis finally took its toll around the time of her 80th birthday, and she passed away in 2002 aged 87, making her likely aged 72 or 73 when this episode was filmed.


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
Sooty, Sweep and Soo are pulling all the tissues off of toilet rolls! Poor Sweep has the job of putting them all back again!
Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4
Soo and Sooty prepare to launch the boat Sooty has made out of cardboard... Matthew discovers where they got the cardboard from!
Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6
Sooty has a go at making a picture using potato printing... ...whilst Sweep tries to make a dog desk tidy...
Screenshot 7 Screenshot 8
...and Soo makes a spinning top! The gang are visited by world famous paper tearer Terri Carol

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