Superdog And The Comedian

The Sooty Show title for this series

Episode Info

Episode Number: 7
Airdate: 1st November 1988
Time: 4:20pm
Channel: ITV
Production Code: 45073


Sweep is Superdog! Underneath that unintelligent exterior lies a super hero and who is prepared to answer any cries for help. Sweep awakes hearing that someone needs his help as Superdog!, but unfortunately Sweep has lost his Superdog outfit, until he finds it in the linen basket! Superdog arrives to help a very odd looking 'lady', but crash lands in some rubbish. The 'lady' tells Superdog she was screaming as the milkman had delivered the wrong milk! We learn that Superdog crash landed due to an evil villian, by the name of the Comedian! The Comedian caused Superdog to crash, with the aide of his 'Brain Drainer' machine. This allows the Comedian to control his victims! The Comedian decides to demonstrate his machine on Sooty, causing him to be very naughty by throwing cornflakes everywhere! Sooty then conjures up a custard pie, which ends up in Matthew's face! The Comedian's next victim is Soo, who offers to get rid of the custard pie, but places it on Matthew's chair and he sits on it! Matthew says he has something in his eye and Soo then squirts water in his face! The Comedian decides to do the same to Matthew, but poor Matthew pushes a custard pie into his own face! The gang are very confused about what is going on and decide to enlist the help of Superdog! However Superdog isn't much help as he's under the Comedian's control! Sooty decides to wave the magic wand, which brings the Comedian to Sooty's house, but the wand is broken by Superdog (under the Comedian's control!) However Sooty in his quick thinking swaps the photograph on the Brain Drainer, to that of the Comedian! Sooty now has control of the Comedian, and he sent back to where he came from! Sweep has been dreaming! It was all a dream and Sweep is shocked when a guest has come to Sooty's house who is a comedian....!


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Notes of Interest

Magic Wand This is the 3rd time Superdog would appear on The Sooty Show! His previous appearances were Superdog (1985) and Return of Superdog (Winter/Spring 1988)
Magic Wand The Comedian shows the viewer a picture and says he has already used him, as he was one his first victims. The poor individual would appear to be British comedian and television personality Jimmy Tarbuck!
Magic Wand The Comedian character in this episode is played by Derek Deadman, a british comedy actor, who appeared in sitcoms, as well as small roles in films such as Harry Potter!


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
Sweep hears the screams of someone in distress... ...But it's only a woman annoyed with the milkman!
Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4
The Comedian demonstrates his Brain Drainer machine! The Comedian makes Sooty magic a custard pie into Matthew's face!
Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6
....and then makes Soo soak Matthew! The Comedian has made Superdog break Sooty's magic wand! How can he be stopped now?
Screenshot 7 Screenshot 8
Sooty has swapped the photo of Superdog on the Brain Drainer machine, with one of the Comedian! It was all a dream! However a real comedian has come around to visit...

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