The Adventures of Sooty

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The Adventures of Sooty VHS
The Adventures of Sooty VHS


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This VHS release included the following episodes:

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Back Cover Text

The descriptive text from the back cover of this VHS release:

Countless millions of children have grown up with Sooty, surely one of the most enduring television favourites of all time.

Here are four exciting adventures which feature Sooty and his mischievous playmates Sweep the Spaniel an Soo the Panda. Food has been mysteriously disappearing and "Sherlock Sooty" takes on the case. Sooty then has a house guest as "Snuffles the Rabbit Comes to Stay". In "The Magic Show", Sooty and his long-suffering human companion Matthew entertain their friends, and with experience under their belt, try a major produciton with a "Sooty Panto".

VHS Info

  • Released by: Thames Video
  • Catalogue Number: VC1049
  • Year of release: 1986
  • Running time: 62 minutes approx

Notes of Interest

Magic Wand This is the first-ever Sooty Show home video release - this tape was also released on the short-lived Betamax format!
Magic Wand The first VHS release of this tape features the Kaleidoscope logo and lettering across the top of the artwork. It was subsequently re-released with the more familiar Thames Video Collection logo and lettering - however, both releases bear the normal VCI (The Video Collection) logo.
Magic Wand Several of the episodes on this VHS release are known by different names, thanks to the names given in the descriptive text on the back of the box - "Sleep Walking" is more popularly known as "Sherlock Sooty" (and when the episode was released on The Times newspaper promotional DVD was known as "Lazy Day"! "Snuffles" is listed on the back cover of this tape as "Snuffles the Rabbit Comes To Stay", and "Magic Box Show" is simply "Magic Show". "Sooty's Panto" is also sometimes listed as "The Sooty Christmas Show 1981" by some episode listings!
Magic Wand The descriptive text on the back of this release also features a quote from actor, comedian and DJ Mike Read: "This tape will SWEEP the nation! If you misquote me I'll SOO!" Described here as a "Sooty Afficianado", Mike Read would go on to appear in two Sooty episodes, "Stately Home" and "Nothing Ever Happens".

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